TOUCHEU is the world’s first online cross-border marketplace for sustainable luxury handmade and lifestyle masterpieces founded in China that was born from the concept that sophisticated style can strike a balance between glamour and good deed.


Perennially inspired by their vast travels, the founders reenacted the Silk Road initiative fusing sustainable luxury brands in the West and East through a seamless and luxurious online platform without boundary, specializing in one-of-a-kind handmade fashion, accessories, fine jewelry, home décor and high-end artwork faithful to their origins.


Started in 2017, TOUCHEU combines the essence of artisan collectives and trend to fit effortlessly into a modern urban lifestyle, pioneering the one-stop shopping destination and offering a unique shopping experience. Alongside that approach, TOUCHEU continuously strives to make a difference in creating a community of conscientious consumers.



Create a cross-border commerce ecosystem and conscious lifestyle community through appreciation of sustainable luxury handmade production and consumption.


Connect brands and enthusiasts in the West and East to buy and sell sustainable crafts through seamless communication, payment and logistics services.

    Fine Craftsmanship

Every piece is a true statement that embodies creativity, skill and passion of a master artisan. Each collection is sourced responsibly from the world’s best materials, designed skillfully and handcrafted individually in the utmost care to bring forth authenticity and a sense of quality that endures the passage of time. Handmade is the ultimate luxury.


An eponymous design reflects the tradition and advanced craft skills of a craftsman, seemingly to take root in the character of each creation. In the wake of globalization, the value of artistic flair and provenance seems lost. We take a stand day after day to preserve the cultural skills that enrich the life of the present.



Sustainability equals mindful living that stems from conscious consumption habit of eco-friendly, ethically-sourced and responsibly-produced good, all for the well-being of the environment and ourselves. It is also a human issue, and we serve to support the work of master artisans and empower their communities through the art of storytelling.


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