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Purveryor of Sustainable Luxury Crafts

Join our journey to be part of a family of sustainable luxury brands comprising of brilliant designers, master artisans and world-renowned artists from the West and East as we revive the Silk Road. The door to both worlds is open and cross-border selling is made easy. We travel the world to share stories of fine craftsmanship, promote best-quality handmade goods that last a lifetime and contribute for a global positive impact.

Sustainable Luxury

Handmade x Lifestyle

Global Partners

West x East

Exclusive Benefits


Global & China access
Access to story feature
Luxury handmade and lifestyle exclusive
Access to pre-orders
Dual-language support
Multi-currency & payment
Seller & customer support
Free registration & listing
Secure transactions
Unlimited listing
Automatic deposits
Extensive marketing

Easy Process


Step 1: Apply
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We always welcome new collaborations. Feel free to apply now! We will process all applications in a timely manner.


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