Manufacture 100% Française de Cristal
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Wax Pouring
Reproduction in Wax
Filling Moulds with Groisil
Finishing Process
Final Piece


Daum's adventure is an extraordinary story of creativity, which, over the decades, has embarked the House on an artistic adventure in permanent renewal.

Jean Daum created the glassworks in Nancy in 1878. From that time, Daum’s expertise has given the art of glassmaking its noble credentials at the heart of the French decorative arts. Inventions and patents abounded; the Daum family was the first to cloak electric lamps in glass through their association with artists from the period such as Majorelle and the talented designer Henri Bergé.

It was in 1920, under the direction of Paul Daum, that pieces in an entirely new style were created, heralding the arrival of the « Art Deco » style, the name given to this artistic movement by the « Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs » in Paris in 1925.

Around 1930, Michel Daum, Antonin’s son, perfected the fabrication of crystal; a material made of glass, to which is added 24% of lead oxide. This new material gradually took over from glass, giving creators new possibilities. Hot worked in glassmaking hall, crystal was drawn and shaped to produce pieces in the organic forms which came to characterize the 1950s.

The perfect mastery of pate de cristal, a unique material rediscovered by Daum in 1968, reinforced an already worldwide reputation of excellence. Through its purity, its singular way of bringing to life the most minute variation in light, through the flamboyant intensity of colors and the harmony of lines, each Daum creation is a unique work of art with a mysteriously attractive charm.


Daum's production is located in Lorrain, France, because it is one of the most industrialized regions in France and in Europe, constituting a strategic point for Italy and North of the continent. 

Moreover, this place benefits from a mineral-rich soil, which allows the production of a perfect crystal. As a result, the best artisans are located there and are still contributing today to this amazing production.

This Nancy manufacturing of wonders is the only place where all Daum’s creations are realized and 100% handmade. Through a varied and rich universe, different talents, ambience and trends meet.


Step 1: Moulding

Starting from sketches, the sculptor creates an initial model in clay. The volume, details and expressions are worked to perfection. Once the sculpture is finished, it is used to generate a negative mould in elastomer.

Step 2: Wax Pouring

The hot wax is poured into the hollow mould, which is formed from the original sculpture.

Step 3: Reproduction in Wax

Once the wax sets, the wax sculpture is removed from its mould.

Step 4: Filling Moulds with Groisil (Coarsely Crushed Crystal)

Once all the wax flows out of the block of plaster, the hollow part of the mould thus created is carefully filled with fragments of crystal of different colours and different sizes (also referred to as “groisil”).

Step 5: Finishing Process

Once cooled, the plaster mould is carefully broken down to reveal the sculpture in “pâte de cristal”. There remain a number of finishing operations to be carried out before proceeding with the quality control inspections.

Step 6: Finishing and Signature

After finishing operations, control inspections are made to ensure the quality of the materials and the distribution of colours. The piece is then ready to receive the final touch: the signature of Daum. The entire process is carried out for each new piece. Each piece is unique.

Step 7: Final Piece

You can admire the exceptional blend of colors and finely handcrafted details of the sculpture. This unique know-how gives birth to exceptional pieces.

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